Girsa at their album debut at the Blackthorne Resort, East Durham, NY, in 2011

Sound bites captured in the filming of 'The Irish Catskills: Dancing at the Crossroads'

Peter 'Mr. Catskills' McKiernan, on Irish immigration, and the changing tone of music in the Catskills.

Tommy Mulvihill, who began playing  fiddle in the Catskills 50 years ago, on his early music influences.

Grammy Award-winning flutist Joanie Madden, on the impact of the Irish Catskills on her music.

Mary McKenna Dearing, on the dance scene in McKenna's and other popular East Durham venues.

Felix Dolan (RIP) and Brian Conway pay homage to Mike McHale with a rendition of Roisin Dubh at the Shamrock House.

Ann Duffy Downey, a County Leitrim native and longtime area resident, on the vibrancy of the Catskills.

Ralph Kelly, drummer and member of the legendary Kelly family, on the influence of the Catskills on Irish culture.

Matt Talty plays the concertina outside his closed Shannon View Inn.

Jimmy "Ironman" Kelly plays at The Blackthorne, accompanied by Peter McKiernan and Kitty Kelly.